Enhancing Community of Practice in One Health for Infectious Diseases through Postgraduate Training

Aplication and Selection System

The selection system involves the project team based on the project selection criteria and later on selection for admission at each partner institution based on respective qualification requirements. The selection system is thus multistage process. Candidates are requested to note that at institutional level, the admission process is also multistage as it involves grassroots organs including grass root ones at departmental level.

Application system

Candidates are thus requested to note that they should apply to the project for scholarship support as well as applying to the universities for admission. Application should be by both online and submission of hard copies of documents such as application, letter, curriculum vitae, and academic documents. Interested parties should also note that the selection done by the project is provisional and it only becomes confirmed upon candidates securing admission in partner universities


Criteria for selection for the 2014 candidates

In 2014, the project adopted the following criteria to select the candidates for support in Cohort 1:
(i) We agreed to give priority to PhD applicants as full time support can not be provided in 2015 given the fact that the project ends in July 2017.
(ii) We agreed to maximise selection of applicants from Ghana in order to provide equal opportunities of participation of NMIMR/UG. This was essential as phase 1 of Cohort One had only involved applicants from Tanzania, Zambia and DRC-Congo.
(iii) We agreed to optimise selection of female applicants based on the fact that women involvement in science in Africa is still very low. So, we made an affirmative action to select all female applicants who had qualifications for admission.
(iv) We also provided more opportunities to applicants from other African countries as in phase one we had only moved candidates from DRC Congo and Benin as part of Target 2. The desire was to widen the capture scope of Target 2 students.
(v) We also provided equal opportunities for MUHAS and to this effect we selected all those who qualified to pursue studies at this partner institution
(vi) We selected students of different academic backgrounds in line with our project thrust instead of concentrating on medics and vets; a fact that would have eroded the focus of our project
(vii) We also gave more priority for project partner country applicants given the fact that all applicants applied for full time support.

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