Information: Rudovick Kazwala is a professor in the Department of Veterinary Medicine
and Public Health at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, he is responsible for
the Veterinary Public Health Unit at the University. His main activities are to
teach courses, research and outreach activities in the field of Veterinary
Public Health, Epidemiology, veterinary laws and policies.
Prof. Kazwala teaches at Undergraduate level:- Food hygiene, Food borne Diseases,
Food Legislations, Environmental Hygiene, Zoonoses and Veterinary Jurisprudence.
At Post graduate level he teaches aspects of Food Microbiology, Food Quality Control,
Zoonoses and Veterinary Epidemiology.
Prof. Kazwala is involved in a number of research projects particularly in area of
Bacterial Zoonoses (tuberculosis, brucellosis thermophilic campylobacters) and also viral
zonoses especially rabies. He has also worked on treatment outcomes of CBPP and
CCPP. In carrying out these works he has been engaged in supervising more than 20
postgraduate students in over 10 research projects. Prof. Kazwala has a total of 52
publications in international journals.
Prof. Kazwala is the Chairman of Tanzania Veterinary Association, he has been a
member of the Tanzania Food and Drug Authority, Food Technical Committee for over
four years, in this committee he is involved in the formulation of policies, regulation and
setting standards regarding foods in Tanzania. Within the country he has have been a
resource person to Government in bringing awareness to government officials of the
recent outbreaks of Rift Valley Fever in Tanzania. Prof. Kazwala was engaged in a team
of consultants who prepared the Livestock Sector Development Strategy for Tanzania.
Prof. Kazwala he is a member of the International Health Regulations, Roster of
Experts as expert in Veterinary Issues, zoonoses. He is also a member of the
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases where in the Animal
Tuberculosis Section he serve as a Vice Chairman. Prof. Kazwala Coordinates the
Bovine Tuberculosis Network for Africa. He also Coordinate the Zoonoses Section of the
Collaborative research in environmental toxicology and zoonotic diseases in the Human
Domestic animal Wildlife interface areas of Eastern and Southern Africa - A South-North
Veterinary Network.