Mkumbukwa M.A. Mtambo


Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health,
Sokoine University of Agriculture, P.O. Box 3021, Morogoro,
Telephone: +255 23 260 4542/4647
Mobile Phone Number: +255 754 525 286

Information: Mkumbukwa M.A. Mtambo is a professor in veterinary medicine and public health at the
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Prof. Mtambo completed his bachelor of veterinary Medicine at
the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania in 1987 and his Doctorate in
veterinary Medicine (Ph.D) in 1992 at Glasgow University Veterinary School, Glasgow, United
Kingdom. During his doctorate studies he investigated on the epidemiology of
Cryptosporidium infection in cats, a zoonotic parasite causing infections in animals and
humans in particular those with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
Prof. Mtambo has conducted a number of short courses, workshops and seminars to
extension staff and farmers on livestock diseases identification and control. He organised a
workshop on major livestock diseases in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area with the aim of
reviewing the General Management Plan for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority.
Prof. Mtambo has supervised a number of Masters and Ph.D. students at the Sokoine
University of Agriculture and University of Dar es Salaam and served as an external examiner
for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the region. Prof. Mtambo has published over
75 papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings and reviewed a book on
Cryptosporidium infection. In 1995 Prof. Mtambo served as a visiting lecturer at the University
of Zimbabwe, teaching small animal Medicine.
Prof. Mtambo has been involved in researches on zoonotic water-borne protozoal parasites,
other animal diseases of public health significance, wildlife diseases, poultry diseases and
natural products. Prof. Mtambo has been involved in consultancies on livestock-wildlife
interactions, transboundary diseases and poultry diseases. Prof. Mtambo has been the project
leader for a regional research project involving Denmark, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and
Malawi and currently leads three projects on livestock enterprises, peri-urban livestock farming
and Newcastle disease vaccine country-wide trial.
Prof. Mtambo also served for six years as a Clinician In-Charge at the Sokoine University
veterinary Hospital being involved with numerous clinical cases of various domestic and wild
animals. He has also been the Head of Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Head
and served as Chairman and Secretary in a number of Committees at the University and
outside the University.
Prof. Mtambo is currently being involved in teaching and supervision of students at the
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health. Prof. Mtambo can be consulted on
matters related to animal health, Public health, Wildlife diseases and Natural products.
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