Joshua Joseph Malago

senior lecturer

Information: Joshua Joseph Malago is a cellular and molecular pathologist and a senior lecturer at Sokoine University of Agriculture and an adjunct lecturer at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College. He is a prolific instructor of General and Veterinary Pathology who teaches and inspires students in the field of pathology.
He was trained as a veterinarian and later in his postgraduate studies, specialized in cellular mechanisms of cell defense focusing on the role of heat shock response in cell defense following various forms of stress. His Ph.D. thesis ‘The role of heat shock response in the cytoprotection of intestinal epithelial cells’ can be made a required reading for anyone interested in the mechanisms of cytoprotection by heat shock response. Discussed in that thesis include but not limited to the cross-talks of heat shock proteins and transcription factors like nuclear factor kappa B and activating protein-1 as well as mitogen activated protein kinase (JNK, Elk1/2 and p38) cascade. The argument posed about their interaction in favor of cytoprotection is a state of the art.
Joshua has researched and published fairly in the field of heat shock response and its protection of infected human enterocytes. Of recent, he has made remarkable contribution in the science of mechanisms of beneficial microbes to the enteric health by linking the microbiota and their fermentation products with over-expression of heat shock proteins. Being fascinated by his findings, Joshua still researches in the protective role of heat shock response induced by various agents, including natural products, to intestinal disorders. He is currently focusing on prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, particularly ulcerative colitis via induction of heat shock response.
In addition, Joshua is a chief editor to Tanzania Veterinary Journal which publishes scientific papers on all fields of veterinary medicine and a chairperson of the scientific committee of the Tanzania Veterinary Association.
Academic Qualifications
Universities attended Years Qualifications obtained
Utrecht University Oct 2003 Ph.D.
Utrecht University Aug 2000 MSc Animal Pathology
Utrecht University July 1999 Cert Lab Animal Science
Sokoine University of Agriculture Jul 1997 BVM
Selected Publications
1. Malago JJ. The potential of heat shock response in the treatment of theileriosis in cattle. 2008. Tanz Vet J 25: 75-89