College of Social Sciences and Humanities

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities was founded in December 2015, following a restructuring process which led to the merging of three units, namely the Development Studies Institute (DSI), SUA Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SCSRD), and Department of Social Sciences of the Faculty of Science (DSS-FoS).

English Language Resources Centre

Prof. Vedasto Muhikambele (Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies at that time) giving his remarks during the official launching of English Language Resource Centre on 14th September 2016

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is determined to providing a vibrant, engaging, stimulating and supportive learning environment with a view of preparing students to think critically, work cooperatively, and solve problems effectively. The programmes offered by the College have been specially designed in terms of contents and teaching approaches to enable our current and prospective students cope with challenges in the changing world.

Experiential learning, in particular, is emphasized as the College is envisioned to enable students gain practical experience, test classroom theory, build self confidence and gain a wide range of work related skills. Our graduates are not only entrepreneurial, creative and highly adaptable to new and ever-changing workplace environments, but also skillful and knowledgeable in communication, critical thinking and interdisciplinary research. We embrace innovation, communication of knowledge, and engagement with industry and the entire community.

Our academic staff, who are highly motivated, creative and research-oriented, are actively and consistently involved in the cutting-edge interdisciplinary collaborative creation and exchange of new knowledge. The College has several collaboration links with other institutions across the globe and we intend to seek for more partnerships with more institutions in the future.

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